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How to Fight Maskne

While most of us have seen our skin improve during the pandemic due to less makeup use, there is one new pesky issue at hand- maskne. Wearing a mask is extremely important for our safety and self-care, however since our skin is still getting used to it, especially those with sensitive skin will be at risk of redness or acne in the areas the mask covers. Thankfully, we’re here to give you a super simple skin-care routine that will alleviate unwanted skin irritation!

“Maskne” is acne, or irritation, caused by wearing masks. The fabric of the mask can rub against the delicate skin on your face and cause pimples, rashes, dry skin and redness. It can also transfer oils from previous use onto your skin, or trap heat inside the mask and create a buildup of sweat. All of these factors can contribute to irritation of your skin, but we’re here to help!

How can maskne be prevented?

The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends avoiding acne by following a skin-care routine that includes using a gentle face wash and ensuring your face is well moisturized.

Overwhelmed? Here’s a step-by-step guide we’ve put together that will ensure that your skin is properly maintained and ready to tackle Mascne head-on!

Step 1

Start with our Gentle Cleansing Oil. It will eliminate build-up from the day and ensure that there’s no dirt left in your pores. Our Cleansing Oil is formulated with all-natural, gentle ingredients that will clean your face without drying it out, making sure that you’re not transferring oils to your mask.

Step 2

Add our Purifying Toner to a cotton pad and swipe over your face, making sure to get behind your ears as well. This is a great step to get any remaining dirt or oils off your skin and tighten your pores.

Step 3

At night, if you’re noticing an increase in breakouts, use a few drops of our Balancing Serum. This serum will help reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation, keeping those pesky mask pimples at bay and leaving your skin with a delicate glow.

Step 4 (and throughout the day)

If you’re wearing your mask for a long period of time and feel like your face needs a refresh, try our Refreshing Facial Mist. Whenever you have a safe chance to take your mask off, our facial spray will give you an incredible burst of freshness.

The Facts

Always remember to clean your mask between each use or alternate masks to make sure you’re not transferring germs or oils.

At Delia Skin Care our products are all natural, vegan and gentle. Our entire line is like food for the face as it is free from all harsh chemicals and additives that are likely to increase the risk of irritation to the skin. To learn more about our products or to purchase your own, visit Don't worry, we’ve got your back (and face!).