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Clean shopping made easy

As we grow, our minds and bodies flourish and we should be aware of the things we need to ensure both stay healthy. Things that have never affected us before may now be the root cause of some issues we’ve developed. Foods you used to love may now cause you acne. Getting through the day on 4 hours of sleep was easy as a teenager but now, less than 8 hours and you can't function. Certain beauty products may have been your holy grail but now you're sensitive to the ingredients.

This is why we must be more mindful with the way we treat ourselves - especially our skin. Your skin is always changing, therefore so are its needs. Certain ingredients may be harmful to your skin and it can be difficult to differentiate the good from the bad. You may also make the conscious decision to only use natural ingredients or products that are cruelty free and vegan. Many people have highly sensitive skin and are limited from using thousands of products on the market. It can become time consuming and overwhelming having to research every ingredient in a product or finding a vegan brand that’s also effective. This is where Midori comes to the rescue!

Midori shopping assistant

The Midori team believes that “everyone should have access to simple, transparent information”. The purpose of the Midori shopping assistant is to deteriorate the opaque world of personal care and bring you the facts up-front. Their database easily gives you access to over 6000 chemicals, allowing you to examine what their purpose is and how safe it is to use. This way, you can analyze how ‘clean’ the products you use really are.

Each product has a Midori score which rates products based on publicly available data. It is calculated by aggregating the number of high risk, moderate risk and limited risk ingredients so you can easily compare your favorite products!

Midori will not only research and isolate harmful chemicals for you, it will also direct you to safer alternatives on your favorite websites like Sephora, Ulta and Amazon.This wonderful tool will guide you past all of the false marketing claims, ultimately helping you choose the best products for you.

Delia and Midori

Midori has rated Delia Skin Care to be extremely safe. Each one of our products has a high safety rating with no harsh chemicals or toxins detected. Our ingredients are natural and vegan. Rest assured, the ingredients we source, as well as our own production, are both cruelty free. You can feel comfortable knowing our products are clean and of high quality. Find us, along with many other wonderful brands, on the Midori shopping assistant.