The Rejuvenating Serum is super hydrating and leaves my skin glistening. I leave the house with a little layer and feel fresh and confident - and I get the compliments to prove it. I've noticed overnight benefits from reduced blemishes and inflammation. Definitely a product to integrate into your skin regimen!

Victoria G.

This company gives me LIFE!! Fantastic products with adorable packaging. I use the Refreshing Facial Mist for so many purposes. Skin/hair, hydration, relaxing. Looks like I drank 4 gallons of water.

Rosemary T.

I'm so in love with the Rejuvenating Serum and Refreshing Facial Mist. My skin has not been better since using them. They make my skin look and feel incredible. My skin is always glowing thanks to Delia Skin Care!

Francesca G.


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